All the Best Places to Watch Birds in the Capital

David Darrell-Lambert


From pigeons to parakeets, it’s impossible not to notice birds in London. But how many more would you see if you knew where to look? 

Can you really see a striking black-and-white wader like the Avocet, or a graceful bird of prey like a Marsh Harrier – or a shy reedbed-dwelling Bittern . . . within Greater London? Did you know Peregrine Falcons nest at Battersea Power Station, or that 100 species have been logged at Hampstead Heath in one year?

Now, this wonderful guide book details the best places all round the capital for watching birds, from woodlands to wetlands, parks to post-industrial backwaters.

Illustrated throughout with stunning colour photographs, it tells you where to go, at what times of year, and what to look out for.           

Published in association with the London Wildlife Trust, Birdwatching London reveals the amazing variety of birdlife in the capital, and offers wonderful ideas for a day out among nature.

 July 2018         £12.99

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