Safe Haven is a new boutique imprint started by Graham Coster, formerly the Publisher at Aurum Press.

At Aurum Graham gained a reputation for publishing quirky, intelligent, counter-intuitive non-fiction – more often than not from his own ideas – that sold in substantial numbers. Who would have thought nearly 50,000 people would buy a book about the esoteric Lakeland sport of fell-running (Feet in the Clouds), or that a collection of letters not published in the Daily Telegraph (Am I Alone in Thinking..?) would become a Christmas bestseller and lead to nine sequels - or that a oral history of Bletchley Park that was not about the men famous for cracking the codes would have gone on to sell over a quarter of a million?

Now, Safe Haven will publish just such idiosyncratic but covetable books: non-fiction that’s maverick but mainstream. They’ll be eclectic in subject, from architecture to cricket, natural history to beer, but be conceived above all with a precise sense of their audience. And there’ll be no commitment to a particular number of titles per year: Safe Haven will only publish books that deserve to be published – that it really wants to do.

They’ll be smaller books, in format and price: cheap enough for an impulse-buy; ideal for a gift. Books so intriguing and elegant – serendipitous, even – you’ll not only want to give them as presents, you’ll also want to treat yourself.